Skoolbo Pricing

We want everyone to enjoy the benefits of Skoolbo!
You don’t need to pay thousands to obtain great eLearning

100% FREE for ALL children!

  • Fun, engaging learning
  • Over 60,000 questions
  • Adapts to each child’s ability
  • Multi-player games
  • Incredible graphics
  • 100% safe and ad free

Supports multiple devices: iOS, Android, PC, Mac or Web Browser.

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Wonderful FREE version for Parents!

  • Awards and certificates
  • Play along with your children
  • Reports
  • Involve Grandparents
  • Average improvement per topic after 20 minutes : 41.3%

Fantastic FREE version for Teachers!

  • Improves learning outcomes
  • Aligned with Canadian Syllabus
  • Differentiated learning
  • Reports
  • Set specific curriculum for each child

Excellent FREE version for Schools!

  • Aggregated results from each class
  • Rewards and school leaderboard
  • Quarterly reports
  • School Challenges
  • Dedicated School Implementation Manager